About Shekinah

  • Rebuilding
  • Redirecting
  • Repositioning

Providing opportunities to grow in the word of God laying particular emphasis on the following:

  • Achieving your potentials beyond your reach
  • Enlarging your vision
  • Rising above all obstacles
  • Helping the children of God to realize that there is no limit on their dreams.
  • Growing into compassionate and committed men and women who will rebuild the world and take the gospel across the globe: Nehemiah
  • That our God has no boundaries. He is for all.

Directing peoples’ mindset towards achieving their God given potentials through various opportunities to: spread their wings, soar to greater heights and reach for the stars.

                                           YES, WE CAN!

For more information, contact:

Editor: 708-969-1399
Publisher: 773-392-6916

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